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A still partial list of scholars in the networks-and-armed-conflict sub-sub-field.  Suggestions and corrections welcome.

Some of the people listed below belong in multiple categories. I've done my best to classify them based on where the bulk of their work lies.


Archival, Ethnography, and Interview-Based

  • Sarah Parkinson - militant and civilian support networks in the Middle East and North Africa

  • Ari Perlinger and Ami Pedahzur - terrorist networks, focus on Israel

  • Paul Staniland - role of social networks in rebel mobilization in South and Southeast Asia 

  • Idil Tunçer-Kılavuz - Networks of power brokers in civil war, focus on Central Asia

  • Steven Zech - insurgent networks and counterinsurgency based on fieldwork in Peru


Mixed Methods Fieldwork, Primarily Survey-Based


Quantitative Analysis of Large-N Datasets