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A still partial list of scholars in the networks-and-armed-conflict sub-sub-field.  Please email me with additions and corrections.

Note: Some scholars belong in multiple categories. I classify them based on the bulk of their work to date.


Archival, Ethnography, and Interview-Based

  • Sarah Parkinson - militant and civilian support networks in the Middle East and North Africa

  • Ari Perlinger and Ami Pedahzur - terrorist networks, focus on Israel

  • Paul Staniland - role of social networks in rebel mobilization in South and Southeast Asia 

  • Idil Tunçer-Kılavuz - Networks of power brokers in civil war, focus on Central Asia

  • Steven Zech - insurgent networks and counterinsurgency based on fieldwork in Peru


Mixed Methods Fieldwork, Primarily Survey-Based


Quantitative Analysis of Large-N Datasets