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My research focuses on conflict, protest, and networks.

Book Project
Who Rescues?

How cross-ethnic social ties (even weak ones!) lead to rescuing and assistance during the Bosnian war and genocide

Black lives matter protest - London, justice for George Floyd.jpg

Cambridge Elements Short Book
Black Networks Matter

How Black Americans mobilized their non-Black friends, and each other, during the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests

(Forthcoming at
Cambridge University Press)

Who Influences Whom?

Do Black peole influence White people? Do boys influence girls? Can influence spread through weak ties? Statistical methods for measuring spillover in an experiment

(Working Paper)

Causal Inference in Heterogeneous Networks
Desert Sand

Once We Too Were Strangers

Forthcoming in the Journal of Politics


The Political Consequences of Depression

Rifle Bullets

Social Disruption, Gun Buying, and Anti-System Beliefs

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